Congratulations 2020-21 REACH Award Recipients!

REACH Awards support excellence in student scholarship, research and creative activity by providing them with a $3000 stipend to enable them to complete their own independent project under mentorship. 

Undergraduate Recipients and Mentors: 

  • McIntyre (Mac) Barrera: Genetic Characterization of Helminth Parasites in the Vancouver Island Marmot (Jamie Gorrell Mentor) 
  • Georgia Brennan: The lived realities of working mothers, now working from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Aggie Weighill Mentor) 
  • Kevin Gourlay:  Endoparasites of the Vancouver Island Marmot: diversity, prevalence, intensity, and seasonal variation (Jamie Gorrell Mentor)
  • Kelvin Hua: Effects of temperature, density and feeding rate on growth rates of white sturgeon. (Dan Baker Mentor) 
  • Natasha Ladouceur: Business Barriers when Employing People with Disabilities(Elizabeth McLin Mentor)
  • Caitlin Leachman: Self-Sabotaging Behaviours in Romantic Relationships: The Relationship with Self-Esteem and Anxiety (Melanie O'Neill Mentor)
  • Christopher Shanks: Transcriptomic assessment of the effects of sub-lethal doses of naphthenic acids on Drosophila melanogaster development by MinION Mk1C RNA-Seq (Joslyn Affleck Mentor)
  • Deja Symington: How COVID-19 and the Transition to a Hybrid Learning Model is Impacting Members of the 2SLGBTQ+ Community at VIU (Laura Suski Mentor) 
  • Genevieve van der Voort: Examining diurnal and nocturnal pollinators of Platanthera dilatata and P. stricta using video monitoring. (Jasmine Janes Mentor)
  • Marissa Wright- LaGreca: The use of selective breeding to understand the genetic underpinnings of resiliency to ocean acidification in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) (Tim Green Mentor)

Graduate Recipients and Mentors:

  • Melissa Lyon: A Path To Inclusion - Disability Awareness Course for Educators (Bob Esliger Mentor)
  • Cuong Nguyen: Settlement Experiences for Immigrant Children: Vietnamese Parents Perspectives on Inclusive Education. (Amanda Wager Mentor)
  • SonTung Nguyen: Sex Segregation and the Participation of Transgender Adults in Recreational Sport. (Suzanne de la Barre Mentor)
  • Joanna Pyke: Could an assessment framework be created to judge the value of digital platforms for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of physicians in Canada? (Julia Hengstler Mentor)
  • Monir Shahzeidi: Leisure and quality of life of refugee people: A comparative study (Garrett Stone Mentor)