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Adventures in Mind Italy: May 2 - 25, 2023

Educational and Cultural Travel for All!

Adventures in Mind is for everyone, young and old, local or distant. Add something special to your travels by joining knowledgeable VIU professors to explore the history and culture of fascinating places. Join a group of 7 to 15 life-long learners who are inquisitive, open-minded and looking beyond the usual tourist experience. Encounter the selected destination through tours, lectures and seminar discussions, and with ample free time for independent activity.

The Renaissance Italy Adventure provides a stimulating interdisciplinary exploration of one of the most dynamic and significant periods in the history of European culture. The setting is perfect because of the immense contribution of Florence to the Renaissance, the 14th-16th century blossoming of humanistic learning and artistic endeavour.

Our Adventure will cover art, architecture and literature through the works of such figures as Dante, Giotto, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Masaccio, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Gentileschi. Activities include lecture/presentations, seminar discussions and visits to museums, galleries and other sites, in Florence and elsewhere. Optional preparatory sessions will be available in Nanaimo in March/April.

Under expert guidance, a group of 10-15 participants will encounter the Italian Renaissance through tours, lectures and seminar discussions, with ample free time for independent activity. Participants are encouraged to share their background knowledge and developing understanding with others, so that all benefit in their learning.